Recovering Completely

The Right Step’s Comprehensive Approach to Addiction Treats Both Body and Mind

With all the deftly produced advertisements for substance abuse treatment facilities on television, it’s sometimes easy to forget that, at its heart, recovery from drug abuse is a challenging process that requires both medical and psychological intervention. A recent article on does an excellent job breaking down just what a recovering addict endures. Medically, the body goes through a state of detoxification – an experience that can be extremely uncomfortable. Then, once detox is complete and the body is starting to heal, the psychological work must begin. Drug abuse invariably has a psychological trigger, which is different for every addict, but it must be confronted and overcome for real healing to begin. How a drug treatment center addresses these two key elements goes a long way toward determining how successful the recovery process will be. Facilities that comprehensively address recovery of the body AND the mind, such as The Right Step, have proven to be very effective in changing lives, both immediately and for the long haul. The Right Step, the largest alcohol and drug abuse treatment center in the Southwest with 21-plus locations, features an experienced, acclaimed staff that teams to produce individualized, state-of-the-industry treatment programs that lead to lasting recovery. Accredited by The Joint Commission, the highest authority in healthcare, The Right Step has a client satisfaction rating that exceeds 96%. That has been accomplished largely because each client that seeks help from our professionals is treated to custom care. In short: No two treatment processes are exactly alike – just as no two clients who come to Right Step are exactly alike. Building on a foundation based on the Twelve-Step principles, The Right Step staff members tailor each plan to address the physical and mental transformations necessary to ensure successful recovery by utilizing: • Customized, individual treatment plans that are tailored to each individual • Family involvement during and after treatment • Private counseling, group therapy, and gender-specific programming • Art therapy, nutrition education, and recreational activities • An alumni program to foster new, sober friendships The Right Step drug- and alcohol-recovery program has stood the test of time and earned national recognition among clients, their families, and substance abuse professionals – a collective lot that has learned to recognize and value how beautifully a sound mind and body can work together. To speak with a The Right Step counselor, please call 844-877-1781. You also can visit our website for a comprehensive look at our treatment programs and facilities, which are located throughout the Southwest.

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