Common Street Drugs in Texas

For residents of Texas who use street drugs and need drug rehabilitation, Houston and other large cities offer many treatment options. Street drugs come in a variety of forms and are being used by people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to get high or to take the edge off physical or emotional pain. If you have been using alcohol or other drugs for any length of time, you may feel like there isn’t any hope of facing life sober.

Frequently Used Street Drugs in Texas

Data compiled by the National Institute on Drug Abuse indicates that there are several drugs that are frequently used among Texans. Illicit drugs often enter the state from Mexico through cities such as Brownsville, El Paso and Laredo, as well as other small towns along the border. Marijuana and cannabis are among the more popular street drugs in Texas, but there are other illicit drugs that have more dangerous health effects. Synthetic cannabinoids, which are increasing in use because they can’t be identified on drug tests, are particularly appealing to parolees or anyone else who might be monitored with drug tests. These drugs are dangerous and can produce symptoms that include hallucinations, delusions, respiratory issues, agitation and other problems. The use of cocaine and crack cocaine appears to be declining in Texas, but a rapidly growing problem is the use of heroin, particularly among teenagers and young adults. Black tar heroin is being sold in baggies or balloons on street corners, which is similar to how crack cocaine is sold. Heroin supplies are up while the cost is going down. Most heroin addicts who enter treatment in Texas inject black tar heroin rather than smoke it. In Texas, there is also an increase in the use of potent P2P methamphetamine made in Mexico, which reverses the decline in meth use seen when the sale of large quantities of pseudoephedrine were banned. Liquid methamphetamines are being imported into Texas and then converted into “ice.”

Specialized Drug Rehabilitation in Houston, Dallas, Austin and Other Texas Cities

Whatever your drug of choice, when you are ready to consider drug rehabilitation, Houston, Dallas, Austin and other Texas cities offer many different types of treatment facilities. Some of them are specialized based on drug of choice, while others might cater to a specific gender or other individual need. For drug rehabilitation treatment, one option is to enter an inpatient facility where you will go through detoxification followed by learning what you need to do to begin to lead a sober life. Other options include intensive outpatient treatment and participation in a variety of support groups. Talk to your doctor or an addiction professional to get started on the path to recovery. The important thing is to acknowledge that using street drugs is a behavior that will eventually destroy your life if it hasn’t already. Once you admit you need help, it is possible to enjoy life sober and free of dependence on substances. Resource National Institute on Drug Abuse: Substance Abuse Trends in Texas, June 2014

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