Getting Through to Our Kids About Drugs and Alcohol

How many parents do you think sit down to talk to their kids about really important issues such as sex, drug abuse or alcohol abuse? Judging from the numbers of adolescents now facing their first and second stints in drug and alcohol rehab programs, I’d venture to guess not many. Then again, there are some parents who talk to their kids about these issues, but the kids go out and experiment anyway not really “seeing the big deal” until it’s too late. How to Fix the Problem Where do we begin to solve the problem of adolescents abusing drugs and alcohol? What needs to happen? Growing up, I had just as much of an opportunity to experiment with drugs and alcohol as anyone else, but I never did. So, what made me special or not so special? Perhaps the issue goes beyond just talking about drugs and alcohol. Perhaps we need to look at other factors such as life at home, peer associations and other external influences. Teach Them Well and Let Them Lead the Way The teenagers of today grow into the adults of tomorrow- the very people who will be making major decisions which will affect the rest of us. There is a saying that “prevention is better than cure”. That being said, more needs to happen than simply talking to adolescents, but what? For more information about drug and alcohol treatment, please visit The Right Step today!

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