Drinking and Driving: Know the Risks and Recognize the Need for Help

Drinking and driving is an established high-risk behavior because it puts so many people in danger. Why do so many people do it, then? For those who use alcohol on a consistent basis, alcohol use disorder may be present even if they do not believe there is a problem. At The Right Step, a key component of our job is to help you to see how it is impacting your health and how to reclaim your future.

What Is the Risk of Drinking and Driving?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that there are 29 people in the U.S. who die from alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes every day. That equates to one person dying every 50 minutes. In 2016, 10,497 people died from such crashes. That made up as much as 28 percent of all traffic-related fatalities that year. It is clear that driving while intoxicated can be highly risky and dangerous for anyone.

When a person consumes alcohol in large amounts and reaches a level of intoxication, he or she is more likely to engage in reckless behavior like drinking and driving. Additionally, they are more likely to put other people at risk because they do not recognize the changes to their fine motor skills. Yet, a drunk driver is not just someone who cannot walk a straight line.

Alcohol Use Disorders Plays a Role Too

Many times, drinking and driving is not just something that occurs to those who spend all day at the bar or who are drinking bottles of liquor at a time. Rather, those who have an alcohol use disorder are also more likely to cause such accidents. These are individuals who may be highly functional alcoholics. You go to work, you meet responsibilities, you just need to have a drink in your hand most days to get through it.  Do you have the signs of substance abuse disorder? You may have a substance abuse disorder if you:

  • Drink most days
  • Always think about your next drink
  • Have had to increase how much you drink to get the same result
  • Could not stop if you tried
  • Feel agitated or frustrated when you cannot have a drink

Whether you stop after work every day for a drink with friends or drink once you get home after the long day, it is clear that you may be relying on alcohol to get through the day. How do you fix this?

Getting Help for Drinking and Driving Risks

If you believe you have a problem with drinking, do not try to stop drinking on your own. For many men and women, that is just not possible. Instead, allow our team at The Right Step to create a personalized treatment plan for you.

This begins by providing you with access to alcohol addiction detox if needed and inpatient drug treatment. We can work with you through outpatient treatment programs in some cases as well.

When you come to our team for help, we will use a combination of treatment options to support you. This may include 12-step programs, alternative treatment options, cognitive behavioral therapy, and much more. We also stay by your side by providing you with long term treatment that gives you access to the care you need now and well into the future. You can find relief and the support you need through our modern, effective treatment options. All it takes is recognizing the problem and then reaching out to our team for support.

Seek Out Trusted, Customized Care Right for You

At The Right Step, we want to help you stop drinking and driving through our customized, comprehensive treatment programs. Learn more about how we can help you and provide you with solutions that lead to your recovery. Call us at 17135283709 for immediate help.

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