Myths About Drugs Aren’t Funny

There are many different types of substance abuse treatment programs Texas can offer its residents, and that’s a good thing for those struggling with addiction. What isn’t so good are some of the lies and myths about drugs that seem almost to become some urban legend.

Drug myths seemingly take on their own lives. These stories can range from myths about drugs to even what happens at recovery centers. Like most myths (and urban legends), these tales are almost always started by people who don’t know, weren’t there, or who’ve made something up. When it comes to urban legends, these stories can be harmless fun, but myths about drugs or topics like drug rehabs aren’t a laughing matter.

Myths About Drugs are Costly

The joke, the tall tale about the man in the closet, under the bed or the lost child who wanders the graveyard at night, could make us restless. These tales could be the cause for a sleepless night on rare occasions, along with a chuckle here and there, but drug myths can have consequences far beyond a sleepless night or two. And when myths concern drugs, things can turn deadly, and there is nothing funny about that.

This high risk is why those struggling with addiction and their friends and families should be educated and given guidance regarding the truths about drug abuse and addiction. The good news, Texas group therapy, in addition to recovery programs, can be found at rehab centers all across the state of Texas.

Recovery and Education for Everyone

If you are struggling with an addiction, in particular, with the use of street drugs, you may be familiar with many myths about drugs. Not knowing the truth and believing the myths is more than serious, it can be an issue of life and death.

Have you heard any of the following myths?

  • You can counteract the effect of one drug by using another: mixing drugs like cocaine and alcohol, for example, can be a deadly combination.
  • Once you check into a rehab facility, you aren’t allowed to leave: leaving a rehab facility is always an option. One center is not for everyone and you may feel more comfortable at a different facility.
  • Drug addiction is a character flaw: drug addiction is a brain disease that affects behavior.
  • Treatment for drug addiction is all at once: there is no cure for drug addiction. To stay in recovery, you must continue addiction treatment throughout your life.

For those battling addiction, the most challenging step is often the first one, reaching out for help. Myths about drugs can be the reason a person doesn’t get help. A simple untruth spread could be the hurdle that prevents someone from reaching out for the help they need.

Education about addiction is for everyone and anyone who has ever had a relationship with someone who has an addiction. Recovery helps those fighting addiction and those who care about them. Learning how to help and support someone with an addiction is something most people want to know, and it is that kind of education that allows us to debunk many of these lies and myths.

Don’t Allow Myths and Stories About Drugs to Keep You From Getting Help

Do you or someone you know have a problem with alcohol or drug abuse? If you need help, don’t allow the rumors you’ve heard keep you from getting the help you need. Contact The Right Step for the truth, recovery, and to take back control of your life. Call us now at 17135283709 to get onto the road to recovery today.

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