Not Your Ordinary Joe

How One Man Took The Right Step to Begin a Journey to Recovery

Dr. Jason Powers knows down and out. He sees it every day in the faces of the people battling drug and alcohol addiction who turn to The Right Step treatment centers for help. As chief medical officer at The Right Step, Powers also knows what success looks like. In fact, it looks a lot like Joe. “Joe came in trying to stay sober from prescription pills and alcohol,” Powers recalls. “He was close to being completely cut off from his father and had lost relationships with his siblings. He was overweight, unhealthy, and sad.” He was basically the “before” picture Powers sees so often when someone fighting addiction walks through the center’s door for the first time. Now Joe has enjoyed more than seven years of sobriety, is married, owns a great company, and is the proud father of a beautiful 3-year-old girl.

So, how did such a dramatic transformation come to be?

Powers credits the commitment of his fellow The Right Step staffers and Joe’s determination to change his life. One plus the other produced a success story that typifies what happens when an addict truly wants to recover and seeks the kind of individualized care for which The Right Step has become renowned. In essence, The Right Step taught Joe the steps he needed to take to wean off of drugs, and then to make productive choices that ensure he won’t be trapped in that “down and out” world again. “Joe says the reason he is sober is because he never realized how similar all drugs of abuse are to alcohol,” Powers said. “He always tried to take certain medications as directed and didn’t realize the connection between that and relapses on alcohol, which would always coincide with abusing the prescriptions.” The Right Step’s staff, which includes dedicated physicians and other medical professionals, educated Joe. Then, its Alumni Program gave Joe the support he needed as he put the lessons to the test.

The result?

Seven years into that test Joe is now thriving and enjoying great success, all because the first step he chose to take to recovery was The Right Step. There are more than 20 The Right Step drug treatment facilities located throughout the Southwest. For information on how you can help a loved one or help yourself find a life of sobriety, please call 844-877-1781. You can also visit our website for a comprehensive look at our treatment programs and facilities.

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