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How The Right Step Helps Clients and their Families Stay on the Road to Recovery

Corina remembers vividly how she felt as she reached to open the door to The Right Step drug and alcohol treatment center for the first time. The emotional gamut ran from scared to angry, with “extremely worried” sprinkled liberally into the mix. When she reached to open the door at the conclusion of her inpatient stay at the center, she simply said, “Wowww!” Yes, she sang the conventional “wow” and raised it a couple of “Ws.” The Right Step made that much difference in her life. “I was truly amazed at how [remarkable] the place was,” she recalled several months after treatment. “The center is nice. The food is pretty good. The staff is very nice and accommodating. And the classes/lectures are inspiring. This was truly the best experience of my life!” In fact, Corina said, it still is. Though her formal stay concluded several months ago, her quest to remain sober – and The Right Step’s role in that process – remains front and center as she goes about her “new” life. “I go back to The Right Step often for the AA/NA/CA meetings there,” she said. “They have a great aftercare program that is free and a great alumni group that meets often. I was there for Memorial Day, and they had a huge barbecue and even let us bring guests. They really go all-out for holidays, and the outings twice a week are to museums, bookstores, and some really cool places.” Deb had a similar positive experience, though in a completely different role. She is the parent of a young adult who was battling addiction and turned to The Right Step treatment. Deb said The Right Step not only changed his life, but the lives of the entire family, as her son underwent treatment and aftercare, and is now in recovery. “The education and support I have received from The Right Step has really helped me begin to heal and learn to be more effective,” Deb said. “The staff is excellent, and the Tuesday night parent support meeting is the best.” The Right Step features more than 20 facilities throughout the Southwest for the treatment of alcohol and/or drug addictions. But, as these testimonials attest, what The Right Step really does is treat people. It serves individuals who have unique needs and experiences and who benefit from the center’s ability to address both. And it produces the kind of success stories people love to share. “I highly recommend this place for anyone researching a rehab,” Corina said. “You will not regret it.” For information on how you can help a loved one or help yourself find a life of sobriety, please call 844-877-1781. You can also visit our website for a comprehensive look at treatment programs and facilities.

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