Success Stories

How The Right Step Alums Help Each Other Beat Alcohol and Drug Addictions

An effective drug rehabilitation facility makes its mark in a variety of ways, most notably in the success stories its alums tell after they’ve undergone treatment and discovered a healthy, sober life. The staff at The Right Step realizes that treatment is simply one facet of an ongoing process that leads to recovery from alcohol- and drug-dependence. Aftercare is also a vital step on this course. In fact, it’s the step that most likely determines how well recovering addicts stay the course. That’s why The Right Step’s Alumni Program is tailored for the long haul. It is available to graduates of any facility, and it provides a social support network consisting of other people in recovery who have faced the same temptations…people who eagerly share the means they’ve used to lead sober, productive lives, after initial treatment. The alums form a community that meets and plays and socializes together. The members bond in a way that “those on the outside” simply can’t understand. Eventually, “those on the inside” become stronger and better equipped to deal with the future as they learn, together, what recovery methods work the best – for the one and for the all. Then they can tell those success stories. Or, better, they can live them. Here are just a few testimonials from The Right Step alums who are living those success stories today: • “The Right Step set a pleasant environment for recovery. The program and schedule helped me to cope with my disease. Every member of the staff has been very encouraging, supportive, and motivating. I highly recommend The Right Step to anyone that sincerely wants to live a clean and sober life.” • “I have never been to rehab before… my stay was beyond my expectations, and The Right Step has given me a solid support system to start my new sober life.” • “This experience has changed my life, not only with my addiction, but with my entire life. I am a better person because of this program and the kindness and care of [the staff].” • “I gained both peace of mind and closure to a very important problem during a highly stressful period for my family.” • “Thank you The Right Step. You saved my life.” To learn more about The Right Step Alumni Program, call 844-877-1781. Or visit our Alumni page.

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