a man rests his chin on his hands as he thinks about telltale addictive behaviors

Telltale Addictive Behaviors: What Are People Likely to Display?

Not everyone exhibits the signs of alcohol and drug abuse that are very obvious. Many men and women are high-functioning addicts, which means they are able to continue about their day and participate in normal activities. That doesn’t mean they don’t have some of the telltale addictive behaviors that nearly always warrant getting treatment. At…

child exhibiting the signs of depression in teens

What Are The Obvious – and Not So Obvious – Signs of Depression in Teens?

Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions. Many people think of depression as a disorder that primarily impacts adults.  However, it also impacts a significant number of teens. As with adults, depression in teens may range from mild to severe. It may last for a couple of weeks, several months, or a…

woman suffering from mental illness in young adults

Mental Illness Not Uncommon for Young Adults But Can Lead to Substance Abuse

Few people make it through the teen years wound-free. During this time, teens are taking their first individual steps socially, romantically, and even intellectually. This can be nerve-wracking for even the healthiest teen. The fears and vulnerabilities of adolescence make it a ripe period for developing mental illness. Studies reveal that one-quarter of young adults…