man thinking about how stress can trigger relapse

Can Stress Trigger Relapse?

There is a lot of research that shows the relationship between stress and substance abuse, including firsthand evidence of recovering addicts who fall back into an addiction due to stress. Researchers have long established this connection. Previously, these findings have led to stress management courses and other interventions that aim to help addicts manage their…

therapist talking to child about adolescent IOP treatment

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab

For adolescents, living a normal life is important. When a teen is taking the steps toward alcohol and drug addiction recovery, maintaining a structured, sober lifestyle plays a key role in their success and recovery. When adolescents become addicted to alcohol or drugs, it is important that they learn how to live fulfilling lives that…

people talking about the benefits of alumni program outside of a treatment center

The Alumni Program, An Effective Way to Help Beat Addiction

The first step to overcoming alcohol dependence or drug addiction is obvious. You should get professional help from a quality treatment facility sooner than later. But what about the next step, the one that follows initial treatment? The recovery process is a life-long and difficult pursuit. Therefore, many recovering addicts find both hope and comfort…

child and parent talking about parent's role in adolescent addiction

A Parent’s Role in Adolescent Addiction

Everywhere that adolescents look on television, on billboards, in magazines, on the Internet, and the radio, they see messages about alcohol, sex, and drugs. They are constantly being exposed to these messages and are impacted by what they see, read, and hear. The things adolescents see in their every day lives may negatively affect their…