Psychological Dependence

There are similarities between physical dependence and the psychological dependence associated with the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Although many people likely do not realize that there is a difference, the highly-qualified staff at The Right Step recognizes the symptoms of psychological dependence. The team helps individuals through all types of dependence, and through addiction treatment.

Get the help that you need to overcome your disorder, along with getting other treatment that you may need for your recovery.

Is There a Difference Between Psychological and Physical Dependence?

When you use abuse alcohol or have a substance use disorder, there are many components of the substance disorder. You may experience tolerance, addiction, psychological or physical dependence. Some people likely assume that these conditions are one and the same. Yet, there are differences between them, even though they often occur together.

If you have an addiction, you likely experience behaviors and symptoms that potentially include:

  • A compulsive use of the substance in spite of the harmful consequences
  • Preoccupation with obtaining the drug
  • Preoccupation with using the substance
  • Loss of control related to the substance
  • Experiencing negative consequences

If you have a psychological or physical dependence on any drug, it is possible that you are also addicted to the drug or drugs. The caring, empathetic Right Step team recognizes that abusing drugs often results in the substances affecting your brain, other parts of your body, your overall physical, emotional, and psychological health. We offer a variety of treatment programs that help you start on your journey to recovery.

How Do I Know if I Have Psychological or Physical Dependence or Addiction to a Drug?

Psychological dependence differs from physical dependence, although you may have both psychological, and physical dependence at the same time.

Some distinctions between psychological dependence and physical dependence include:

  • Psychological dependence involves the emotional and mental processes associated with using alcohol or other drugs
  • Physical dependence occurs when your body adapts to alcohol or other drugs being in your system
  • A person that experiences physical dependence undergoes withdrawal upon stopping the drug
  • A person with a psychological dependence typically experiences symptoms such as anxiety and cravings

Other distinctions include the fact that if you have psychological dependence on any substance, you possibly experience depression or other mental health conditions. Some people experience both dependence and addiction. One important distinction to make is the fact that your dependence is typically a temporary condition, while addiction is a life-long disease.

The Right Step

The Right Step offers addiction treatment programs that help individuals understand dependence and addiction. The professional staff guides you through the intake process, detox if you need detox services and the development of an individualized treatment plan. You learn how to overcome your reliance on the substances that you use, and discover how to live a healthy lifestyle without the psychological dependence associated with alcohol and other drugs. View more of our addiction treatment programs below

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