Physical Dependence

Perhaps you assume that drug addiction, drug tolerance and physical dependence on drugs are all the same thing. Although the terms are often used together, they are not the same. If you use any drug, there are risks of tolerance, addiction, or physical dependence on that substance. Understanding physical dependence requires education, which the caring, professional team of specialists at The Right Step Centers easily provide to every client.

Are you experiencing physical dependence, and need to enter recovery for that dependence? Learn how the substance abuse treatment programs and other services provided by The Right Step helps people regain control over their life without the symptoms of physical dependence, and other substance use disorder risks and complications.

What is Physical Dependence?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) describes physical dependence simply, without the complicated jargon and scientific terms that make it difficult to understand. NIDA explains that physical dependence in any organism, including with human beings, is a state in which that particular organism functions normally only when a specific drug is present in its system. Furthermore, dependence is manifested as a disorder, which most people deem to be ‘withdrawal’ symptoms, upon the removal of that drug.

Is it possible to have a dependence on more than one drug? Yes, and in fact, it is common for many people to have a dependence on more than one drug. This is true whether you abuse meth, heroin, designer drugs, prescription drugs, marijuana, alcohol, or any other substance. The compassionate staff at The Right Step understands the effects of dependence, and the effects that addiction causes in your life.

The full continuum of therapy programs provides comprehensive programs that treat your physical dependence, and that treats you as a whole person, addressing any addiction issues, whether you enter into the men’s treatment program or a women’s treatment program. The unique programming means that all of your needs are addressed through the individualized treatment plan developed specifically for your needs.

Is There A Difference between Physical Dependence and Addiction?

There are similarities and differences between physical dependence and addiction, and it is possible to experience both of these complications to using alcohol or other drugs. Physical dependence occurs when certain actions occur, such as:

  • Adapting to the regular use of the drug
  • May occur with or without addiction
  • Physical symptoms of withdrawal
  • Mental health symptoms of withdrawal

Addiction, on the other hand, occurs when you continue your substance abuse in spite of the harmful consequences. There are other factors associated with addiction, including:

  • Missing work or school
  • Failing to engage in family responsibilities or activities
  • No longer participating in activities that you once enjoyed
  • Addiction is a disease

Is Treatment Available?

Treatment for physical dependence first requires detox, which helps you through the withdrawal from the drug, or drugs. Medically supervised detox helps you through the withdrawal process, whether you experience mild, moderate or more severe withdrawal.

Once you complete withdrawal, you undergo a comprehensive treatment program that is developed specifically for your treatment needs. Do you need addiction treatment, along with the dependence treatment?

The Right Step guides you through every step of treatment, from assessment to detox, to treatment, to aftercare, and beyond. Overcome your physical dependence today. Contact us at 17135283709, and stop the dependence on drugs that took control over your body, and overall well-being.

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