Quarantined with an Alcoholic Spouse

Living with an alcoholic partner is difficult on any day, and even more so when you are quarantined with an alcoholic spouse. There are ways to cope with being quarantined with an alcoholic spouse. There is help for the individual with an alcohol use disorder and help for family members. This is true even in spite of social distancing and quarantine rules. Discover how to survive this quarantine when you turn to The Right Step.

Individuals with Alcohol Use Disorders

Is your alcoholic spouse or live-in partner drinking more often since the quarantine and the closure of bars and nightclubs? It is, in fact true, that more people are drinking more alcohol since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism posted a video that details important facts about alcoholism during the pandemic. A woman who is a mother, and an individual with an alcohol use disorder, stressed the importance of parenting without a hangover. When you are quarantining with an alcoholic spouse, that person likely drinks in front of the children, who probably take in everything that they see during this time of families being at home for greater periods.

When quarantined, emotions likely build, which could trigger a relapse, or behaviors indicative of a possible relapse. Fear, anxiety, and stress are feelings that families and individuals are coping with at this time. While everyone copes with these emotions in different ways, many alcoholics, and individuals with other substance use disorders drink alcohol to cope.

There is help available while you are quarantining with an alcoholic spouse. The Right Step still welcomes clients that have alcohol issues, and that use other drugs in addition to alcohol. The substance abuse treatment programs at The Right Step involve the whole family. While these times of social distancing bring about some changes in how people gather, there is help available for you and your alcoholic spouse. We involve your family members in the treatment process so you can heal together.

Risks Associated with an Alcoholic Spouse

Are you more stressed or perhaps more depressed because your alcoholic spouse is drinking during the coronavirus quarantine? You are likely not alone. Many people are experiencing similar struggles due to the global pandemic.

Many sources that recently reported an increase in alcohol sales and use cite increases anywhere from five percent to more than 200 percent. There has been a 55 percent increase in alcohol sales in just one week during the COVID-19 quarantine. There are several risks associated with drinking alcohol, including:

  • Higher risk of mortality among alcohol users
  • Alcohol abusers often have weakened immune systems
  • Alcohol users are potentially more likely to have a positive coronavirus test
  • Increase in domestic violence

Your partner does not have to experience alcohol addiction within the four walls of your home, feeling lost, and experiencing an uncontrollable urge to drink. The Right Step offers comprehensive alcohol treatment at our Texas addiction treatment center.

Contact The Right Step

Some treatment centers do not accept new clients into their treatment programs during the pandemic. The Right Step rehab admissions welcome your alcoholic spouse into treatment. We help protect our clients and staff with a variety of measures. Get started on living a sober life by contacting The Right Step at 17135283709. Our professional staff is here to help you with addiction treatment or mental health treatment, or both. Our goal is to help you live a healthier lifestyle without drugs or alcohol. Recovery is possible with the help of our treatment centers.

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