Relapse Prevention Techniques for Those in Addiction Recovery

Everyone in recovery from drugs or alcohol at a substance abuse treatment program fears relapse. And while relapse is a valid threat, it is not something that simply happens overnight. Contrary to what many people think, relapse is a three-stage process that takes time to develop. Consequently, relapse prevention techniques will help keep you from progressing through the stages of relapse at our relapse prevention therapy program if you practice them daily. In general, they are important parts of every recovery program and must become second nature if you value a drug- and alcohol-free future.

What Are Relapse Prevention Techniques?

Relapse prevention techniques help ward off issues such as cravings, melancholy feelings for the old days, and the desire to take a drink or swallow a pill. These are all common challenges for those who have completed their drug rehab center program at The Right Step and are transitioning back to a regular routine. Without the needed structure and round-the-clock supervision of a residential program, it can be difficult to avoid temptation. For these reasons, healthy relapse prevention techniques are among the first skills you’ll learn in recovery at our addiction treatment center programs in TX. Such techniques as:

  • Keeping in close touch with your recovery community
  • Avoiding places and people who act as triggers
  • Taking good care of your physical and mental health
  • Managing your stress in healthy ways
  • Attending and actively participating in meetings
  • Keeping your counseling and therapy appointments

All of these are relapse prevention techniques that will help you as you transition back to work, back to school, or home. After graduating from your residential inpatient drug rehab center, you become your own supervisor. As a result, it is important to make sure that you are working hard on your recovery every day.

How Do Relapse Prevention Techniques Help?

When you practice your relapse prevention techniques daily, you become stronger. Just as lifting weights builds muscle, practicing your recovery behaviors builds skill and resolve. You become less susceptible to temptation and setbacks and stronger in recovery in several ways.

Eating Well Gives You Focus and Energy

When you eat well and include a healthy diet filled with valuable nutrition, your mind becomes more clear. Accordingly, you feel better, stronger, and more able to cope. When you feel strong and are thinking on your feet, you are less likely to relapse. Eating a healthy diet is one of the more important relapse prevention techniques. So is getting enough sleep daily.

Managing Your Stress Keeps You From Self-Medicating

When you are constantly working to alleviate stress, you are less tempted to take a drink or smoke a pipe. For example, when you turn to meditation, yoga, exercise, or nature to help you wind down daily, stress levels have no chance to build up and reach crisis proportions.

Maintaining Ties With Your Recovery Community

Attending meetings, talking with others in recovery, and attending our alumni program at The Right Step are all important relapse prevention techniques because they build you up and make you strong. Sharing with others, mentoring and being mentored all keep you on the path to sobriety. It is important to immerse yourself in recovery culture to remain determined and focused on healing.

Asking for Help to Prevent Relapse

If you need help to prevent relapse, The Right Step is a drug and alcohol treatment center in Texas that is waiting to assist you. Contact us today at 17135283709 for more information on our relapse prevention programs for those in recovery. Our professional staff is here to help you overcome addiction and live a healthy life.

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