Learn Healthy Stress Management Techniques in Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol

There are healthy ways to manage stress. For this reason, stress management techniques are some of the first coping skills that you will learn in recovery at a substance abuse treatment program. If you are struggling with substance use disorder because you’re self-medicating to relieve stress and manage stress without substances, a good addiction treatment center in Texas may be the solution for you. Call the Right Step today for more information on our programs and services. Our professional staff is here to help you overcome addiction and learn new hobbies and skills that will help you in your lifetime of recovery.

Have a Go-To Stress Management Routine

It is easy to use alcohol to feel better. However, it is not the best way of dealing with a tough day. While the occasional drink is not a problem for many people, for others, it is a gateway to an alcohol use disorder. Instead of sitting down with a shot of bourbon after a trying day on the job, compile a regular routine of favorite stress management techniques instead:

  • Take a long, hot shower
  • Turn on relaxing music
  • Enjoy nature
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Vent to a friend

Activities that help your body relax are just as important as those that calm your mind when you are feeling stressed. Therefore, finding healthier outlets will help you move away from using drugs or alcohol as stress management techniques when times get tough. In recovery at The Right Step, we focus on providing you with ways to help you better live your life and spend your time. In doing so, you can kick the habit of addiction.

Build a Safe Network of Family and Friends

It is good to have someone to confide in. Finding and building a safe network of family members and friends who do not use substances is empowering. Generally, stating your fears and worries out loud to someone else who understands is often enough to help you feel better about them. Everyone is going through something. Communication helps keep things in perspective and may help you realize that what you are experiencing isn’t really as bad as you thought it was.

Additionally, alumni programs such as ours at The Right Step can be a great resource for you if you are coming out of recovery.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Allowing yourself to become sleep-deprived or stretched too thin can compound your stress. When you do not feel well, it is harder to process information, and something said in jest could become bigger in your mind than it should be. As a result, when you’re tired and depleted, it’s easier to see enemies around every corner.

Stay healthy. Eat well. Get enough sleep. Consequently, you’ll feel better, and you’ll be better able to see the humorous side of issues that might otherwise make you feel stressed and irritable.

Reach Out for Help

If life is getting you down, and the stress management techniques you normally use just aren’t working anymore, it’s okay to ask for help from a depression treatment center. The Right Step, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Texas, may be the solution for you. Our gender-specific programs help men and women learn how to cope with stress and the challenges of everyday life.

Clients who choose The Right Step have access to top clinical minds and our compassionate staff that is always professional. Our campuses are serene and picturesque, giving you a warm environment for healing to begin. If you’re struggling with a substance use disorder compounded by stress, our evidence-based therapies can help you recover. Reach out to The Right Step today at 17135283709 to learn more about how healthy stress management techniques can change your life.

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