Slang Terms for Xanax

Slang terms are widely used to describe illegal or illicit drugs and medications. As a rule, these terms are intended to make conversations involving these substances harder to detect or understand. There is slang for almost any addictive substance you can name. That includes the powerful benzodiazepine sedative Xanax. A person who uses these terms isn’t necessarily affected by Xanax addiction. However, they may have issues that call for enrollment in a suitable rehab program. Contact Promises Right Step at 17135283709 or online with any questions you may have about your treatment options.  

Xanax and Benzodiazepines 

Xanax is the U.S. brand name for the medication alprazolam. Doctors typically prescribe it for anxiety disorders. Like all benzodiazepines or benzos, it decreases the speed of nerve cell communication inside your brain. In turn, this lowered communication level has a calming or sedating effect on your mental state. A second form of the medication, Xanax XR, produces that effect at a slower, steadier pace.  

In a typical year, millions of Americans legitimately take Xanax. This rate of use makes it one of the nation’s most commonly prescribed medications. Most people with prescriptions use their Xanax as intended. However, misuse of the medication is far from rare. It occurs among legitimate prescription holders, as well as people who obtain Xanax through other means. 

Potential Consequences of Xanax Misuse 

Xanax and other benzos are relatively safe when used as intended. There are two keys to safe benzo use: 

  • Taking them only for short periods of time 
  • Not exceeding the dosage prescribed by your doctor 

If you fail to follow these guidelines, you can quickly become dependent on Xanax. In turn, continued misuse after becoming dependent seriously increases your risk for Xanax addiction. It can also increase your chances of overdosing on your medication.  

Slang Terms for Xanax – The Most Common Words and Phrases 

There are many slang terms and street names for Xanax. The most widely used words and phrases include: 

  • Xannies 
  • Bars 
  • Xanbars 
  • Footballs 
  • School Bus  
  • Handlebars  
  • White Boys  
  • Z-Bars 

Where do all of these terms and names come from? The answer to this question varies. Some slang terms for the medication are based on the shape of a full or partial Xanax tablet. Others stem from the imprints, or markings, found on the surface of these tablets.  There are also slang terms for Xanax that subtly hint at the sedative effects of the medication. In addition, there are terms that derive from the color of the two forms of Xanax.  

Another Possible Term for Xanax – What Is Bark? 

There are reports of another potential slang term for Xanax: bark. What is bark? The term may be an offshoot of street names such as Bars, Handlebars, Z-Bars, and Xanbars. If so, it likely refers to the bar-like shape of Xanax tablets. However, the term may also have other unclear origins. 

This point underscores an important fact about street names for drugs. Over time, these names can change. In fact, they often evolve for various reasons. This means that a term you’re familiar with today might not be used tomorrow. It also means that vigilance is needed to keep up with the terms currently in use. 

Get More Facts on Slang Terms for Xanax at Promises Right Step 

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