Americans Becoming More Opposed to Adultery

Over recent years, polls have shown that Americans are gaining more tolerance for certain controversial moral issues. However, while more and more Americans may be increasing their approval of issues such as stem cell research from human embryos, they are not budging when it comes to their disapproval of adultery.

Sex Sells, Even When It’s Extramarital

The website has announced that it plans to have its first public offering on the London stock market. The 5-year-old website for married people looking to have affairs advertises itself as the second-largest dating website in the world, after, with approximately 1.2 million members.

Recognizing Sex Addiction by Its Consequences

Sex addiction is not an easy diagnosis to make, especially if you’re not a trained expert on the topic. Having unconventional sexual behaviors does not necessarily make someone a sex addict, nor does infidelity, flirting, pornography use or other behaviors that may be troubling. Sometimes it’s easiest to see that someone has a problem with…