Tim Montgomery Indicted on Federal Heroin Trafficking Charge

I used to represent N.C. State University, running cross country and track- and I distinctly remember the thrill of seeing both Tim Montgomery and Marion Jones (as well as several other elite athletes) practicing on the track. These were people we looked up to. But not anymore. It now seems that there aren’t any “clean” athletes left. As many of us already know, Jones is finishing out her jail time, and as she finishes hers, Montgomery may very well be beginning his. According to a report by Associated Press Writer, Steve Szkotak:

Disgraced former Olympic track star Tim Montgomery, once dubbed “the world’s fastest man,” was sentenced Friday to five years in prison for dealing heroin to an informant.

The world’s fastest man involved with heroin charges? What could he possibly have to say for himself? Apparently, he didn’t offer an excuse, just a mere apology admitting that he did the wrong thing. Now, as a result, the 33 year-old Montgomery will serve a five-year sentence after he completes a 46-month prison term for a DIFFERENT CONVICTION in New York. Montgomery’s sentence is the minimum of what he could’ve had to serve- this according to federal sentencing guidelines. But is a five year sentence enough of a punishment for pleading guilty to possession AND distribution of more than 100 grams of heroin? I’m not so sure. I guess only time will tell… For more information about heroin addiction treatment, please visit The Right Step today!

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