Before You Drink That Water…Read This

File this one under the heading of: Everything can kill you. What is the safest thing you can think of to consume?  Water seems pretty high up on that list, right?  Well, not really.  According to Yahoo news drugs are turning up in some pretty unexpected places…like your drinking water.  Yahoo states that at least 46 million Americans have this problem to deal with.  It seems that lots of pharmaceuticals are showing up in your local tap water, and the government wasn’t too happy to have to tell us about it.  Yahoo is reporting:

The AP stories prompted federal and local legislative hearings, brought about calls for mandatory testing and disclosure, and led officials in at least 27 additional metropolitan areas to analyze their drinking water. Positive tests were reported in 17 cases, including Reno, Nev., Savannah, Ga., Colorado Springs, Colo., and Huntsville, Ala. Results are pending in three others.

“Mandatory testing and disclosure?”  Shouldn’t they be testing the water to begin with, and if they do they certainly should be reporting the results back to John Q. Public don’t you think?  Basically the utility companies maintain that the amounts of drugs that are slipping through our tap are so minute that they really do not pose a health risk.  Still, shouldn’t we be informed on the subject?  I’d like to think so, and so do many others who are pushing for more testing at the tap. For more information about drug and alcohol treatment, please visit The Right Step today!

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