person hesitating to take pill from prescription bottle on desk after reading opioid epidemic statistics

Opioid Epidemic Statistics

The opioid epidemic is impacting more people from day to day. Many are dependent and abusing opioids according to stats on the opioid epidemic. The therapists at The Right Step provides an individual therapy program in TX for people recovering from opioid addiction. Below is more information on opioid epidemic statistics. Opioid Epidemic Statistics There…

sober Thanksgiving meal with family for staying sober during the holidays

Sober Thanksgiving

Sixty-three percent of people surveyed reported serving wine at their Thanksgiving meal. Also, fifty-six percent claimed they spent more than $50 on their Thanksgiving alcohol. With alcohol and drugs playing such a significant role, is it possible to enjoy a sober Thanksgiving? Our group therapy program in Texas offers the following tips for staying sober…