a teen girl uses her phone research to connections between social media teens and substance abuse

Social Media, Teens, and Substance Abuse: What are the Connections?

The connections between social media, teens, and substance abuse are often quite tight. Parents may not even realize that their children are taking lessons from social media stars. Even worse, they may be getting pressure from friends on social media to abuse drugs. This problem concerns us at The Right Step. As a result, we’ve decided…

a man hugs another man as they discuss the heroin addiction recovery rate

Is It Possible to Improve the Heroin Addiction Recovery Rate?

Heroin relapse is a problem that plagues many people with addiction, even after they go through the process of drug rehabilitation. As a result, the heroin addiction recovery rate is often heavily debated among medical professionals. Fully understanding this aspect of your treatment is a critical way of ensuring that you don’t run into any complications during…