a woman covers her face as she thinks about dabbing what it is who is doing it and why it is a problem

Dabbing: What It Is, Who Is Doing It and Why It Is a Problem

Dabbing, what it is, who is doing it, and why it is a problem may be mysteries to you. The word dabbing refers to a complicated way of inhaling marijuana. However, if you’re worried about your kids experimenting with marijuana, dabbing probably won’t be their first exposure to it.  For one thing, a simple joint…

a woman thinks about heres what you need to look for in rehab for teen

Here’s What You Need to Look for In Rehab for Your Teen

Parenting addicted teens is the ultimate challenge for a mother or father. If you are facing this situation, you may feel helpless, alone or desperate to get your child well again. The best thing you can do for your addicted teen is to get him into treatment. Rehab facilities that are dedicated to helping patients…

a teen boy thinks about 5 differences teen and adult rehab

5 Differences Between Teen and Adult Rehab

Addiction doesn’t discriminate between teens and adults. Adolescents who experiment with drugs and alcohol can fall victim to the power of addiction just like their adult counterparts. However, there are 5 differences between teen and adult rehab. 5 Differences Between Teen and Adult Rehab Treating addiction in teens and adults looks a little different. Rehab…

a man puts his hand on his head as he considers 5 causes of binge drinking

5 Causes of Binge Drinking & How to Address Them

In recent years, Americans have grown increasingly aware of binge drinking alcohol abuse, a widespread pattern of alcohol intake that results in rapid intoxication. The public has also grown increasingly aware of the dangers of alcohol binging. Here are 5 causes of binge drinking, and how to address them, minimizing your consumption of alcohol. #1…