two women talk about the benefits of group therapy

The Benefits of Group Therapy to Recovery

Contemplating joining a group therapy session can be terrifying, especially for people dealing with an anxiety disorder. Talking about your deepest issues and biggest mistakes is a daunting prospect. What could you possibly have to gain by putting yourself through that experience? There are many benefits of group therapy that prove helpful to those looking to build…

a woman and her pharmacist discuss the opioid epidemic of 2019

Fallout From the Opioid Epidemic 2019

The roots of the opioid epidemic in 2019 can be traced back to 1991. That’s when we saw an increase in the number of prescriptions written for opioid-like drugs. Pharmaceutical companies brushed aside concerns about the potential for abuse. They made public statements asserting there was little risk to the population at large. We now…

a woman does research on marijuana and education about it for the public

Marijuana and Education: What You Should Know

When it comes to learning the facts about marijuana or other drugs, there is a lot of information you there. As such, it can be confusing trying to find the right information, particularly, if the different agencies provide conflicting data. For this reason, research on marijuana and education on its effects are more crucial than…

a father talks to his son about alcoholism treatment resources for college students

Alcoholism Treatment Resources for College Students

For a number of reasons, college students consume alcohol at unusually high rates and have especially strong odds of participating in the dangerous pattern of consumption known as binge drinking. Unfortunately, not all colleges provide adequate resources for binge drinking treatment and other forms of alcohol treatment. Let’s look at the types of treatment resources…

a doctor talks to his patient about 8 reasons medical detox safe way get clean

8 Reasons Why Medical Detox Is the Only Safe Way to Get Clean

Pharmacologic therapies are utilized in drug detox to prevent life-threatening withdrawal complications such as seizures, delirium tremens, heart attacks, and suicidal ideation. Medical detox also increases compliance with psychosocial forms of addiction treatment in rehab. Medication management of withdrawal symptoms and recovery is based on the type, duration, timing and dosage of abused drugs as…