3 Tell Tale Signs of Binge Drinking

By Cathy Habas You really like drinking, but there’s a little flicker of doubt in your mind about whether you’re going overboard. Binge drinking is real. It is a sign of alcoholism, and it has the potential to ruin your career, finances, relationships and health. This dangerous practice may even claim your life. Fortunately, if…


3 Myths of Alcohol Relapse

Relapse during recovery from alcoholism is common, but that doesn’t make it any less frightening to witness. When someone you care about experiences alcoholic relapse, how to help becomes your primary concern. First you want to help them regain control of their drinking, and then you want to do everything in your power to make…


Ambien Addiction in Women

While it is still not talked about much, Ambien addiction is a growing problem among the American adult population. Because of differences in the way they metabolize the drug, women are especially vulnerable to Ambien dependency, and many women are taking unsafe doses of the drug in a futile attempt to conquer their insomnia.