A teen girl sits on the floor and takes pills, wondering how to prevent teen drug abuse

Prescription Lockboxes Help Prevent Teen Drug Abuse

Reducing the availability of prescription drugs is one of the main goals in the fight against the prescription drug abuse epidemic, particularly among teenagers. One security company is even working on biometric technology to help secure prescription medications and prevent teen drug abuse. Availability has been one of the primary factors driving prescription drug abuse…

A woman talks to her therapist about why aftercare is essential post inpatient

Why Aftercare Is Essential Post-Inpatient

Completing a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is a big step. But it doesn’t mean you’ve reached the end of the road to recovery. Detoxification simply is not enough. Detox primarily addresses the physiological components of addiction and withdrawal, leaving the psychological areas to be worked on in treatment and beyond. Individuals who have completed…

A group of teens drink and talk about teen drinking

Teen Drinking Leads to Lasting Deficits in Memory, Ability to Learn

New findings from a team of American researchers indicate that teenagers who engage in regular, intermittent drinking can unwittingly trigger lasting dysfunction in the hippocampus, a part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. How can teen drinking affect your teen? Doctors, researchers and public health officials are well aware that teenagers who drink…

A girl stares at a pill and thinks about teens abusing prescription painkillers

Teens Abusing Prescription Painkillers Often Suffer From Depression

Recent findings from an American research team indicate that teens abusing prescription painkillers offer from depression. Small but significant numbers of American preteens and teenagers misuse a prescription opioid medication for recreational purposes or other reasons. Significant numbers of teens and preteens also have diagnosable symptoms of the depressive disorder commonly known as major depression.…